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Are You Experiencing Any Of This?

Here Are A Few Pain Points  Covered In Our Success Stories

Cash Flow Ups And Downs

Even though a monthly target is set, the team is uncertain about meeting the revenue goal. The cycle between feast and famine makes it hard to plan for growth.

Unpredictable Cost Of Sales

Business is doing good but growth seems like a guessing game. You have not been able to pinpoint which revenue source can be turned on and accelerated on demand.

Many Variations in Project Cost

Both internal and client projects seem to grow legs more frequently than anticipated. This makes it hard for you to keep the momentum going.

Response Time Is Not Fast Enough

You have a high volume of communications from the client and the team sees everyone of them as high priority. Team is overwhelmed and focus is on responding to client rather than growing the business

High Payment Queries

Whenever invoices and timesheets are sent for client approval, you experience delays due to questions asked. Gathering information to clarify seems like a task in itself.

Team Member Leaving Causes Impact

Star players are key to building a successful business and when they need unplanned time off you may find it hard to find out information about ongoing jobs.

We will analyse your current business and create a process blueprint your team can follow.

We will help you identify areas of your business process that can be hosted on a software application and build it.

Using dashboards and reports, we will show you the evidence of growth that has happened.

We will identify areas of improvement and evolve your systems along with your business.

How We Can Help

We will help create a systematic way of working with full transparency in four simple steps

Our Toolkit

Microsoft Dynamics 365

We build your bespoke business process on D365 Power Platform to unleash market ready capabilities for your Sales, Customer Service, Project Operations, Finance & Field Service.


Microsoft Azure

As the most sought after Azure service provider, we deliver the best of the cloud capabilities to deliver security & compliance in all areas of your business.

Microsoft 365 logo (2022)

Microsoft 365

We will enable you to utilize Microsoft 365 applications to  full potential to simplify all your day to day team collaboration, document management and data storage. 

Increase Trust

Free consultation and quote for trust building software system for your construction business