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Azure Virtual Desktop Solutions & Support Services

Azure virtual desktops maintenance service provides free guidance on the Azure and Microsoft Office 365 components to achieve business success. They help you host your data and applications safely, securely, and without disruption to your ongoing business process. Some of the characteristics of AVD service include:


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Combining AVD with Office 365 and Microsoft Intune, ensure data being generated by all your team resides within the device and organisation even when the team is working remotely and on personal devices

Regular auditing and testing of AVD infrastructure provides data to track and prevent vulnerabilities resulting from the personal device and home networks. Credit in the service packages can be utilised to upgrade system.

Cybercrime has been on a all time high since lockdown. With the Blackwater Tech service package, disaster recovery has never been simpler allowing business leaders to minimise operational risk due to sabotaging incidents such as Ransomware and device failures

Using the support credits training and consultancy services can be utilised to learn and growth the digital infrastructure in line with team and business operations.

Blackwater Tech as a Technology Partner for your business

Dedicated team working as an extension of your existing business to offload turbulence and enhance firepower and business momentum

On demand support

Our team of consultants are available on demand to troubleshoot routine issues and also to help develop strategies via consultancy sessions and workshops

Flexible SLA for effective cost control

Flexible SLA options are available to structure unique support requirements within the support packages selected.


Advanced monitoring and overwatch

Monitoring and auditing is available within the SLA to proactively deal with changes that could potentially impact ongoing business processes.