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  • Our talent on hand have been tested on various projects providing better insights into strength and capability.
  • New talent is pre-screened and tested by our HR and Technical teams before you meet them.
  • You will speak with real people through every step of the process delivering accountability and transparency. 
  • Remove guesswork from your project with your team members having access to peers within reach to guide and support during task execution.

Your full time team members will receive all the employee benefits such as holiday, pension contributions and any other benefits you wish to extend.

Why Choose Blackwater Tech?

Our team and systems enable you to have a full transparent and a tight knit relationship with everyone you work with.

Platform for success

Advanced Data Protection

All remote team members will access information through secure devices preventing confidential data leaks from your organisation

Secure Systems

Secure device and systems supported by Blackwater Tech to mitigate cybersecurity risk and business continuity.

Cost Savings

True extension of your team as you deploy talent world wide and saving over 50% in hiring and operational costs.

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