In housing, the provision of human-centric services relies heavily on efficient and responsive communication between housing providers and tenants/customers. Contact centre technology plays a pivotal role in facilitating this interaction, enabling housing providers to address the diverse needs and concerns of their clientele effectively. 


The British housing sector currently confronts a multitude of distinct challenges, each demanding careful attention and proactive solutions. 

Housing associations face a pressing concern regarding the glaring shortage of social rented homes, with statistics revealing that 4.2 million individuals (about twice the population of New Mexico) in England, including 1.3 million children (about the population of New Hampshire), urgently require social housing (Source: Big Issue). 

Meanwhile, housing developers grapple with the reality that over 50% of government subsidies for social housing in England are directed towards the private market (Source: Big Issue). This places a significant social responsibility on developers, necessitating a departure from business as usual. 

Moreover, recurring issues such as damp, Mould, and the aftermath of the Grenfell disaster intermittently dominate headlines, prompting public scrutiny of social housing standards and the overall capacity of the UK housing sector. 

While there is no magic solution to these complex challenges, it is imperative for housing providers to adopt a conscientious and responsive approach to their services.

Enhancing the interaction between housing providers and tenants/customers is pivotal in addressing the sector’s pain points effectively. By examining these issues, we can better understand the concerns of both parties and explore viable solutions: 

Tenant/Customer Concerns: 

Housing Sector Concerns: 


Implementing Digital Contact Centre Solutions: 

Investing in Omni channel digital contact centre technology offers a comprehensive approach to addressing these challenges. Key benefits include: 

By embracing digital contact centre solutions, housing providers can deliver human-centered services, foster trust with tenants/customers, and navigate the challenges of the evolving housing sector effectively.