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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions

D365 already operating at the core of business process enables organisation to seamlessly gather business data. Cases where the D365 consultancy is not at the core of the business process, ongoing system development and bugfixes need consultants to be specially onboarded. Blackwater Tech specialises on the following D365 modules 

Customer Service
Feld Service
Project Operations

Find out more about our introductory rates!

As an introductory service offering, we have offers available to select clients for limited time period. 

Our team follow the standard business processes reduce the risk and increase the maturity level of the company. 

We utilize a systematic and comprehensive project method, to integrate the system D365 along with active project management and maintaining up to date customer contact details to increase visibility of the project. 

We develop operational standards for every customer support need, and monitor them closely for shortcomings and address them to bring about continuous improvements. 

Microsoft Certified team will support in using the system and provide a better solution for the issue faced by the customer. 


Blackwater Tech as a Technology Partner for your D365 operations 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a composable suite of many software products for end-to-end business management. The offering may seem complex, but fear not – Blackwater Tech will describe key business areas where Dynamics apps apply and look at your business case individually if you wish. 

On demand support

Our Experts have hands on Microsoft experience will help immensely to reduce Dynamics 365 Downtime and support to resolve issues. 

Enhancements to existing system

Enhancing the business by integrating Dynamics 365 with other Microsoft Products and Platforms 

Flexible SLA for effective cost control

Flexible SLA options are available to structure unique support requirements within the support packages selected.