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MediEvil Nutrition home of ultra premium sports nutrition supplements developed for serious athletes and avid fitness enthusiasts seeking to deliver high performance and award winning results.

Medievil Nutrition is a premium nutrition supplement brand owned and operated in the UK by Black Knight Supplements Ltd. Medievil Nutrition are the UK’s only ultra-premium Sports Nutrition and health food brand, whose sole focus is creating products and formulas that deliver fast results for high performing athletes. Developed with highest quality ingredients, their product range has been developed through a series of trials and tests to make sure athletes recover effectively while maximising their training efforts. The product range serves the need of athletes into bodybuilding, mma, boxing, marathon runners etc. In recent years, Medievil Nutrition’s Excalibur Fat burner has been awarded the best fat burner of the year and nomination for EU brand of the year by reputed industry boards and their products have been taken up by most major distributors in the UK and the world.

Much needed changes : 

Medievil Nutrition caters to their end clients’ needs through a growing distributor network within the UK and worldwide. With a wide range of dedicated client base, Medievil Nutrition seeks to amplify their distributors efforts by composing personalised online campaigns with data derived from focussed market research. To stand out in a market which is crowded by many other players, their message was crafted to be unique and coherent while cutting through the online chatter. Success depends not only on the delivery of the right message but also the delivery at the right time. Delivering these results requires an extensive gathering of marketing intelligence and marketing analytics to analyse and respond in a quick and intuitive manner.

solution : 

To sustain the growth and to rapidly adapt to the changing landscape brought forth by their success, Medievil Nutrition seeks to enhance their web platform by migrating to Azure cloud on a Magneto eCommerce platform.

Amplifying growth : 

A multi-phase scaling approach built with Magento 2 platform on Azure which is capable to support any amount of online traffic to the website by rapidly growing and shrinking in size based on the demand. As a result of migration to Azure cloud, the ecommerce platform has benefitted with scalability features and wide range of technological resources available on demand. With simple backup processes and intuitive dashboard, system management has been simplified greatly.


Advanced monitoring tools on Azure enable administrators to be in sync with the developments on the site performance providing them with data to forecast the changes that help setting preventative measures in place.

This is crucial for Medievil Nutrition with regulations such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in EU play a significant impact on the way sensitive data is gathered & managed in online marketing campaigns : 

By combining Azure performance features with Magento ecommerce features, Medievil Nutrition seeks to create engaging shopping experience for online users thus building a growing online community. In order to cater to their shoppers needs in the most effective way, the online platform closely tied into portal features equips Medievil Nutrition with vast amount of social data which is further used to perfect the product recipes and stay ahead of market trends.


In order to personalise communications with the customers, Medievil Nutrition is equipped with an external SMTP server integrated with Magento and Office 365. This mix not only offers a secure handling of data but also increases the quality of customer service, impact of sales teams and overall performance of all resources in the team.


To ensure the progress of the online assets, Blackwater Tech Ltd. has implemented a continuous improvement methodology aimed at upgrading the value in the digital assets every single day. As a Digital Partner, Blackwater Tech Ltd. is committed to ongoing and sustained growth of Medievil Nutrition both UK and overseas.