Kentico Partner

kentico partner & reseller

To deliver the best experiences, we have identified Kentico as our platform of choice. Starting with the powerful user interface, Kentico provides a strong system to carry out digital marketing and e-commerce processes. In addition, Kentico provides seamless process flow into enterprise systems like Microsoft Dynamics and Adobe Marketing Cloud to perform high volume data processing to develop business intelligence and customer insights. 

kentico is a fully integrated enterprise cMS, e-commerce

and online marketing platform

Built on ASP.NET, Kentico allows the creation of cutting-edge websites and optimised digital experiences across multiple channels. Kentico is designed to save you time and effort enabling businesses to accomplish more.

kentico products and services available at blackwater tech

why kentico?

“Kentico Software was launched with one vision in mind—to build exceptional digital platforms that allow clients to connect with their customers, surpass their business goals, and achieve digital marketing and e-commerce success.”

Kentico EMS provides a rich selection of out of the box web parts, easy customizations and open API for rapid platform development. Kentico EMS allows easy management of contacts, campaigns, tracking of the customer journey, global e-commerce functionality along with rich features to measure and analyse results to create and manage customer experiences in a dynamic business environment.

In addition to Kentico EMS, Kentico Cloud is another systems which is a cloud-first headless CMS and digital experience platform. With this system, users can manage structured content for multi-channel delivery. Using the API-first CMS, content can be displayed on any website or device and visitor interactions can be tracked to personalise the digital experience.

With Kentico team of 20+ support engineers on three continents, consultation & training support, detailed documentation and seven-day bug fix policy Blackwater Tech is able to help clients deliver projects on time and budget.