Maximising event success and impact with digital automation 

London Marathon hosts one of the worlds largest and prestigious events in UK


Major charities and organisations worldwide team up at the London Marathon yearly to raise funds for the various social causes they represent. The sponsor management team records confirmation of the sponsor’s interest in participating in the event, which further results in the production of various digital assets for advertising via print and digital media. This result is achieved by allocating the volumes of orders as tasks to different digital teams. The teams individually engage the sponsors through their account managers to gather feedback and approvals. 

The Challenge

In the absence of unified systems, the business operations present the following characteristics: 

  • Disparate systems causing redundancies of effort 
  • Inefficiencies in sponsor engagement as the team cannot quickly identify the engagement stage 
  • Triaging and handover between not as seamless influencing complexity in project management processes 
  • Response to query is not as quick as desired due to lack of unification of information 


Working closely with the team at London Marathon Events, Blackwater Tech was able to help put together the design and development of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 online platform to unify the following: 

  • Event sales management 
  • Digital order fulfilment 
  • Event sponsorship management 
  • Customer support 

By integrating D365 Sales and Customer Service with the Azure DevOps platform, various digital teams were able to connect seamlessly with the sponsorships and orders generated in D365. Power Virtual Agent chatbot further enhanced query management by proactively answering questions and triaging to the right teams when further escalation was required.


The team at London Marathon Events is driven towards innovation to scale new heights; the Microsoft Dynamics platform possesses the flexibility and rapid scalability to deliver the required firepower to increase the impact of all areas of operations. With technology and innovation at the core, London Marathon Events is set to remain the world leader in charity events and fundraising. 

Working in a partnership with Blackwater Tech we were able to get maximum value out of our investment in Microsoft Dynamics 365 with a better understanding of just what the capability is which we have. Now we've been able to deliver real business change in both a timely and effective manner.
Delivery Manager, London Marathon Events