Internet of things

unleash your full potential and deliver innovation with IoT

The rapidly expanding landscape of Internet of Things contains a vast amount of untapped potential to accelerate the rate at which accomplishments happen. Innovations in this area have opened doors to some amazing new ways to deliver process efficiencies, generate meaningful customer engagement and also to reduce time and effort of regular business processes.

ready to take on the billions?

According to Gartner’s – Measuring the Strategic Value of the Internet of Things for Industries report published in April 2016, there will be whopping 21 billion connected devices by 2020. This number which is spread out across all industry sectors offers a significant potential for explosive growth to businesses that can seize this opportunity first.

these are some of the industry sectors blackwater tech has served through with digital transformation with IoT

With rapid advancements in semiconductor technology, chipsets for data gathering are becoming more and more available every day. This means many organisations will be racing to employ them to gain the competitive edge over their competition. In addition organisations that are collecting data at various touchpoints are compiling consolidated services adding to the big data to develop the consumer or business knowledge.

convert data into actionable insights

By using real time data being generated at every step of the process contains potential to give you an ongoing feedback on the process. Analysing this data from connected assets, people and places provides opportunity to deliver actionable insights key to reducing production uptime and operational risks.


With capabilities of processing cutting edge technology stack, we at Blackwater Tech aim to partner with our clients as an extension of their teams enabling to deliver unique customer experiences to dazzle the world with unique shopping experiences online.