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uninterrupted interaction on the go for teams, employees and customers

Whether you are looking to strengthen internal communication, gather deeper insights with real time data or drive efficiency of your work force, Mobile apps play a key role. With a growing engagement between people and their mobile phone on the rise, the significance of mobile apps is also rising.

mobile ecommerce

Mobile users are constantly looking for engagement. While travelling or waiting, people are looking to make use of time available to catch up on information, connecting with other people or even just browsing for useful information. For a brand this presents an opportunity to create a brand engagement touch point. Demonstrating the value add a brand brings to this touch point generates loyalty and enhances credibility.



Apache Cordova


these are some of the technologies that blackwater tech specialises in to deliver mobile apps that perform and generate results

Developing mobile app as a product. With rapid advancements in semiconductor technology, chipsets for data gathering are becoming more and more available every day. This means many organisations will be racing to employ them to gain the competitive edge over their competition. In addition organisations that are collecting data at various touchpoints are compiling consolidated services adding to the big data to develop the consumer or business knowledge.

future proofing your business with mobile

High resourcefulness of mobile phones has made it hard for people to live without them. The continuous connectivity with work and social life makes it a device that will function as an extension of a persons toolkit. With the rapid changes in the technology landscape the barriers are constantly being lifted. New avenues to build tools delivering the next level of resourcefulness are shifting the horizon. Innovate new ways to deliver this next level of performance through mobile development.


At Blackwater Tech we engage with our clients right from the stage of idea conception by testing and measuring possibilities to formulate design for mobile apps. Following this we partner throughout the development and go to market stages. With our wide range of experience in this area, we provide consulting overwatch with go to market strategies addressing the possibilities of pitfalls even before they arise.