Project Rescue

sometimes measures to save time and money can backfire

Every growing company pushing limits on resource available can get into a situation where the things dont turn out according to the plan.


Running highly evolved processes recycling the best team knowledge collective, we at Blackwater Tech specialise in bringing back projects on track minimising downtime and losses.

a friend in need is a friend indeed

Real test for a partnership relies on how hardships are dealt with. At Blackwater Tech our internal processes enable us to deal with emergencies in a quick and efficient manner. With less bottlenecks within our processes, and low downtime between resources, projects are ensured to be delivered within minimum delivery times. Our service delivery is in line with below quality management frameworks.

quality is Accuracy being delivered every single time

To be able to deliver quality, the processes at Blackwater Tech are primed and ready to onboard and deliver complex projects in a minimum amount of time. We also maintain a buffer in resources to cater to sudden spike in demand.

for a business racing against time, blackwater tech is capable of deploying resources for project rescue within 24 hours of signoff

With teams trained in line with Prince2 and American Society for Quality Standards, Blackwater Tech esures estimation of the roadmap and service delivery against the set timeline result in the highest levels of accuracy.


Generate business momentum while creating a sustained business impact with technology partnership with Blackwater Tech.