Sports club increases online reach with Kentico

Membership management and online marketing platform development

TIPESC Sports seeks to provide a strong foundation of professional football learning for football enthusiasts and athletes of all ages.

TIPESC Sports is a professional football training institute focussed at providing football training in line with framework laid out by Dutch Football Association and Johan Cryuff Institute. In order to develop holistic performance of football athletes and also football trainers, TIPESC Sports is specially focussed at developing team skills, sports intelligence and personality for athletes of all age groups.


For young children between 5-11years, to develop strong athletes, TIPESC Sports follows the philosophy of constant self-improvement through a unique football coaching programme that gives a structured training methodology to develop physical fitness and sports intelligence while continuing to nurture their interest. Realising the benefits and the value being added through TIPESC Sports, the management team seeks to expand reach throughout UK to seek and nurture young talent. In order to enable all athletes to reap the best benefits as professional athletes, TIPESC Sports also provides athlete management programs to develop sponsorships and competing opportunities worldwide.

vision : 

To increase reach and impact of the benefits TIPESC Sports has to offer, the team seek to develop and nurture an online presence. Understanding that every time someone interacts with their brand name online serves as an opportunity to communicate their philosophy, the team at TIPESC Sports seeks to make that interaction a meaningful experience by choosing to communicate the right message. Also to retain and nurture the interest of online users, TIPESC Sports understand the need of engaging content communicating a clear message reaching their audience through the dampening noise of online chatter.

solution : 

In order to deliver a personalised brand communication, Blackwater Tech Ltd. has formulated a Kentico CMS based development of the online platform. Kentico CMS equipped with unique online marketing features enables quick and simple way of developing and distributing personalised content saving content marketing teams time and resources which they can now use to develop more customer insights. The ability of a Kentico CMS to transition from a basic website functionality all the way to a full enterprise scale marketing automation behemoth ensures all the effort spent by the team over the span of business years stacks up completely making sure businesses get the best return on the investment made.


Additionally Office 365 and Azure provide an on demand scalability features that grow along with the Kentico system delivering a fully agile business system that is investment that is there to stay with the team. Every aspect learned is also a development on the knowledge stack enabling the team to excel in terms of efficiency and skill.


To enable TIPESC Sports to achieve its full potential on the technology front, Blackwater Tech Ltd. serves as a Digital Partner training and developing human resources and business systems.